The ultimate Caribbean unwinding...

Shelby and Phillip have decided to spend their honeymoon taking in the wonder and beauty of St. Lucia. The couple is looking forward to spending their 7 night honeymoon at one of the three beautiful adult only all-inclusive Sandals Resorts. This page is their Bridal Registry, here you will find the items that they have chosen to enhance their honeymoon.


Help personalize their honeymoon with your gift of travel.


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Give the Gift of Adventure:  By selecting any of the below excursion options you wil help make Phillip & Shelby's Honeymoon one they are sure to remember.


Helicopter Airport Transfer: A view from the sky! This 15 minute helicpter with a 10 minute car ride trasfer will cut the transfer time down significantly for the couple so they will then have more time to enjoy the resort.

Quantity: 4     Price: $117.50 per item


ATV Adventure St. Lucia (Double Rider): The couple will get to experience the island's incredible beauty up close and personal, as they maneuver a two-seater all-terrain vehicle through working plantations, historical sites, and rural communities.

Quantity: Fulfilled     Price: $181 per person


Private Best-of-St. Lucia Sulpher Spring & Waterfall Experience: This tour is a great time for the couple to sit back and relax in their private transportation to experience the island with a personal tour guide. They will see things like the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Mount Fortune, Mairgot Bay, and they'll get a breathtaking view of the Pitons.

Quantity: 2     Price:  $141 per person


Volcano Highlight:  Take in the beautiful Soufriere on a drive to the drive-in-volcano at Sulphur Springs. While driving along the picturesque west coast of St. Lucia they will learn about the history of the island and how beautiful modern dat St. Lucia came to be.

Quantity: Fulfilled    Price:  $73 per person


Give the Gift of Relaxation: By selecting any of the below options you will help make Shelby & Phillips Honeymoon as relaxing as possible.


Tropical Paradise Couples Massage: Inspired by the beautiful and majestic backdrops of the Caribbean islands, this massage takes place right in the heart of nature. Whether it is on the beach or in one of our tropical gardens, their therapist will customize a massage to meet their specific needs, creating the ideal vacations experience.

Quantity: 2        Price: $257.50 per person


Give the Gift of Travel: By selecting this option your monetary gift will be applied to the alance of Phillip & Shelby's Honeymoon.


Gift of Travel: The gift of travel can be given in any demonimation you would like.

Quantity: Unknown        Price: Priceless