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Jamie Kohr & Stephen Vlasic

The ultimate Caribbean unwinding…

Jamie and Stephen have decided to spend their honeymoon unwinding and relaxing in beautiful sunny Jamaica. They are looking forward to spending their 5 night honeymoon at the beautiful adult only all-inclusive Secrets St. James. These pages are their Bridal Registry here you will find the items that they have chosen to enhance their honeymoon.



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Help personalize their honeymoon with your gift of travel.



Give the Gift of Adventure...

Gift of Adventure: By selecting any of the below excursion options you will help make Jamie & Stephen’s Honeymoon one they are sure to remember.

River Tubing and Blue Hole: Treat the bride and groom to a relaxing journey along three miles of the beautiful White River before visiting the Blue Hole in Jamaica, one of the island’s hidden gems. The guides will take the couple on a breathtaking voyage from a 17th century Spanish Bridge over limestone riverbeds, under arching bamboo and past a historic coconut plantation. They will then be taken further down the river to the stunning Blue Hole, where they can climb along the many cascades and jump off the rocks into natural swimming pools to explore hidden underwater caves and tunnels, attempt daring dives and enjoy an exciting rope swing.  This tour is $240 total for the couple. Quantity: 4 Price: $60.00 per item

Zip, Tube and Blue Hole: Jamie and Stephen will soar through the rainforest canopy of the beautiful White River Valley and experience an unforgettable triple-traverse adventure through lush vegetation across zip lines ranging from 150 to 520 feet in length. After the zip lining adventure the couple will be able to relax while tubing down the crystal-clear White River after passing a 17th century Spanish Bridge, going under arching bamboo and past a historic coconut plantation; the guides will take the couple to the stunning Blue Hole where they will climb along the many cascades and jump off the rocks into natural swimming pools. The price for this tour is $280 for the couple. Quantity: Price: $70.00 per item  Fulfilled

Blue Hole Jeep Safari Ocho Rios: Discover the world renowned Blue Hole during this jeep safari in Ocho Rios, climb aboard an open back safari-style jeep and get ready to have the time of their life! Jamie and Stephen will journey into Jamaica’s hilly interior and make their way to a quaint coffee plantation in Winefield. There they’ll learn about the stages of coffee growth, get to sample a delicious cup of Jamaican coffee, and taste an array of tropical fruits. Once they have done that they will drive through the famous Fern Gully on their way to Murphy’s Hill, one of the highest points in the parish of St. Ann. While taking in the stunning panoramic view of the Ocho Rios coastline before heading to the Beacher Town Basic School to say hello to the children from the local community. After all of that they will then get to exploring one of Jamaica’s hidden gems, the beautiful Blue Hole, where they will traverse along the cascading waterfalls and jump into the refreshing natural swimming pools. The price for this tour is $250 for the couple. Quantity: 4 Price: $62.50 per item

Give the Gift of Travel...

Gift of Travel: By selecting this option your monetary gift will be applied to the balance of Stephen and Jamie’s Honeymoon.


Gift of Travel: The gift of travel can be given in any denomination you would like. Quantity: Unknown Price: Priceless



Gift the Gift of Experiences...

Gift of Experiences: By selecting any of the below options you will help make Stephen and Jamie’s Honeymoon an experience they will never forget.


Club MoBay Arrival: Imagine how much Jamie and Stephen will enjoy being treated like real VIPs, moments after stepping off the plane upon arrival they will be met by a personal guide to get them fast tracked through customs and immigrations and taken to your VIP Arrival Lounge.                                  Quantity: 2 Price: $50 per person   Fulfilled


Premium Bottle of Champagne: Give the couple the experience of opening their honeymoon suites door and finding a premium bottle of chilled champagne waiting for them.                                                        Quantity: 1 Price: $69.00  Fulfilled